Saving Money On Entertainment

So you really don’t think it is possible to save money on entertainment, without compromising on the fun element? Well, you could never be more wrong! Saving money on entertainment has never been so easy. It is true that recession has hit all of us quite hard and most of us have been forced to rethink about our budgeting and spending habits. A loss of a job or cutback in income doesn’t really mean you have to cut back on your entertainment too. In fact, it is very important to have fun and relax in these stressful times. Just read on to know how you can save money on entertainment and have loads of fun too.

Here are some of the best money saving tips on entertainment:

Old fashioned fun

Nothing could be more relaxing than playing some good old Board Games with your family and friends. Take them out from your closets where they are gathering dust. They can be equally interesting for both kids and adults too. Monopoly, Scrabble and Dominoes have always remained popular. Go for the basic card games too, which are also the cheapest. Have some old fashioned fun and save money on entertainment.

Theatres discounts

Going for a movie together can make a deep hole in one’s pocket, especially if it’s a large family. One can see movies in the afternoon at matinee prices, or even go to the dollar theatres, where they don’t show the latest movie, but you do get your share of entertainment at a cheap price, a great tip to save on entertainment Moreover, it takes only a couple weeks to a month for a new release to make it to the dollar theater. You can also avail of the special weeknight discounts.


Having a picnic in a scenic area nearby like a park or the beach is a great way to save money on entertainment. Moreover, you spend quality time with your loved ones.


Another of great money saving tips on entertainment, are books. Books have always been considered to be one’s best friend. You can visit the local library and have some great time reading bestsellers. One can also share or borrow books for free. Most libraries have free special activities for children.


You can have free year long passes in exchange for one an annual membership fee for the museums and zoos. Some of the membership fees are tax deductible and may even include free admission. So visit zoos and museums for some great fun and save on entertainment.

Clubs Most big cities and towns have clubs with free or nominal memberships. They are a great place for socializing, outdoors activities and hanging around with friends. Join one for saving money on entertainment. Local School Fairs and Productions

Every local school in your area puts up yearly school fairs and theatrical productions. You can have great fun and entertainment here at very cheap cost. One can usually see a play, band concert or choir concert. Depending on the local high school sports, one can enjoy great athletic events too. It is great way to meet old friends and connect with the community.

Today, families are turning to free and low cost entertainment option. Follow the above money saving tips on entertainment and have quality bonding time with family members and friends.

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