Saving Money On Grocery

Food remains one of the biggest expenses, next to housing and cars. Look closely at how much you spend on your groceries and you will always find ways to cut down your grocery bills. The main focus of this article is saving money on grocery, which will not only help you cut down your grocery bill but help you eat healthy too! Just go ahead and read some amazing money saving tips on grocery right here.

1. Plan before you go

One of the first tip on how to save money on grocery is to always plan and go with a list. Shopping grocery without a list means just throwing away your money. Make a list and plan your shopping and then stick to that list. Resist buying anything beyond that. Having a weekly menu is the best way to go.

2. Eat before you go

This is well known and common tip for saving money on grocery. If you go hungry to a super market, you will definitely end up buying all kinds of junk and end up spending more then your budget. So, eat a good healthy meal and drink lots of water first before you go shopping.

3. Do a little homework before you go

Compare various stores and shops for your grocery shopping. You will find Coupons, Rebates, and Frequent Shopper Programs at several of these places. One can save on grocery by taking advantage of these product incentives. Sign up for the frequent shopper program with your store and you will get info on special loss leaders, double-coupon days and other money saving information.

4. Shopping online

Today there are lots of grocery items which one can buy online. They are quick and easy purchase, with competitive prices. Plus, these products are shipped for free and save money on grocery.

5. Buy frozen

Fresh veggies are sure little better, but frozen veggies are almost as good. They rarely go bad and you can keep them in the freezer. Follow these money saving tips on grocery and save a lot.

6. Go low on meats

Meats can be expensive, hence go Vegetarian several times a week. It is healthy for you and your budget too.

7. Look for Store specials

Another of the popular money saving tips on grocery is to look for store specials for every store has them. But buy them only if you really use them and have a need. Stock up whenever there is a sale, stock up as the sale items can be a great deal. Use store savings cards too.

8. Avoid one item trips

Plan ahead for the whole week or month or else you will end up wasting not only valuable gas but your time too. Or you are forced to go to that expensive store at the corner. Planning one big trip a month can help you in saving money on grocery.

9. Buy healthy

Cereals with high sugar content are not only expensive but unhealthy too. Avoid them as you are spending lots of money on no nutrition. Look for whole grain cereals which have low sugar to save on grocery. You can always add fruits for taste.

10. Use leftovers

A great tip to save money on grocery is to use leftovers from the last meals and turn them into interesting healthy snacks for your family. Your family will really compliment you on your culinary skills and you end up saving on one meal!

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