Saving Money On Electricity

So you never gave much thought to electricity or the environment before the glaring electric bills which landed in your mailbox? But now you are seriously thinking about some easy ways for saving money on electricity. Well, there is good news for you and many other people like you, who are want to save on electricity and lower the bills. Just read on.

Given below are some of the most easy money saving tips on electricity which will surely slash your electricity bill:

1. Take a look around your house

Are you keeping the blinds and curtains closed? If no, then do so as they are a great insulator. Get mini blinds on your windows too. Start with this to save money on electricity. Keep weeds and shrubs trimmed. Plant shade trees on that side of the house which get the most sun and heat.

2. The windows?

Do you have energy saving windows installed? Install them as the old single pane windows let a lot of heat and air conditioning escape. Follow this simple tip for saving money on electricity.

3. Changing the filters in air conditioners and furnaces

Another of the money saving tips on electricity is to change the filters regularly so as to not only keep the systems running efficiently but to save money on electricity too! Plus it keeps the air in your home much cleaner.

4. Placing the air conditioners

Always install the window air conditioners in the shadiest side of the house. It will reduce the stress on it and will use less power, thus saving money on electricity. Make sure the air conditioners and furnaces are the right size for the room for, if they are too small, they will have to work more hard. And if they are too large, they will lose their efficiency.

5. Regular servicing

In order to keep the efficiency of your electrical appliances and system to the maximum, keep them checked regularly. This will not only ensure that they run smoothly, but also lower your electricity bill, thus help you save money on electricity.

6. Avoid wasting electricity

Another of the important money saving tips on electricity is to switch off any lights, fans or gadgets if you are not around. You will see a marked reduction ion your electricity bill. Use compact fluorescent bulbs.

7. Unplug appliances and electronics

Some of these appliances keep using a little electricity even when turned off. So, unplug them and save on electricity.

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