is a site designed to help you monetize your site with great products available to a variety of markets including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the U.K. Germany and more. The products have strong brand recognition and excellent conversion rates and the commission plans are straight forward and competitive from the beginning.

Here are the top 5 reasons to promote :

1 – is dedicated to helping affiliates earn by providing the best support and materials possible.

2 – The affiliate managers are willing to work tirelessly to provide their affiliates with the assistance that they need in order to ensure an individualized plan for success.

3 – products are well known in their markets so affiliates are not responsible for building a brand, just exposing it to new people. This credibility makes conversions easy and often fast.

4 – 80 EURO CPA and 45% revenue share are extremely competitive commissions available right from the start.

5 – No ladders to climb means that you know exactly what you are earning all of the time. You don't need to have 100 conversions to reach your promised commission, it is yours for 1 or 100 converting players.

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