Educate yourself

Financial education is a debt in many educational systems. Just as we teach history, geography, literature or accounting, should teach us to manage our personal finances.

Finances are not exclusive from large companies, economists and financial institutions should also be subject in our day to day.

Imagine if you will since childhood instilled the importance of saving and investment. Once you entered adolescence teach us about investment vehicles: Market values have an alternative income to the monthly salary, which we know it is something that we cannot trust our future.

Once we got our first job would have another mentality, much more constructive. The savings would do by inertia, it would be automatic. We would taste as ever but favoring savings above all. Because this action would build a better future for us.

From "Los Caballeros del Dinero" want to build a space for reflection and learning. A place where we want to instill financial education.

Therefore we focus on the market and the various tools it have: stocks, currencies, futures, ETFs, among others. These same are the ones who will help you to increase your return on capital and effort, dedication and consistency.

From technical analysis, reports, opinions, trading psychology, among others. Because without education there is no future, educate yourself!

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