Saving Money By Going Green

Today, mankind has become too self centered and busy to realize what’s happening to the vary planet that’s supporting him. Lots of talks are going on across the world on the topic of global warming, but who has the time? Protecting the environment isn't just good for the earth but also for you and saving money by going green. Doing little things in small ways will add up to the major changes worldwide. Going green and saving money should be the in-thing today, as away to show respect for our planet and as well as save money in these stressful economic times. Read on to know the money saving tips by going green in this article.

1. Use Energy-efficient appliances

The market is full of new energy-efficient electrical appliances like the water heaters, washers, dryers. Get aware of them and use them to save money by going green. You will save a lot in your electricity bills. Don’t’ always use hot water.

2. Use CFL

Replace the regular light bulbs with CFLs or compact fluorescent light bulbs. You might find them a little more expensive, but they will last for a longer time and burn less energy. This is a change for going green and saving money but it adds up to big savings over time.

3. Eat more at home

One can save huge amounts of money by having delicious home cooked healthy meals. Follow the simple money saving tip by going green – buy the groceries, and cook at home. It will cost you a fraction of what you will spend by eating out.

4. Make your own coffee or tea

Get out of the habit of buying your coffee or tea from a trendy coffee shop. You can save tons by developing this habit. Buy your tea and coffee from local fairs as this will help poor farmers and the environment too. Save money by going green this way.

5. Hike, bike, walk, carpool

Driving your vehicle is one of the main reasons behind the global warming and the depletion of our natural resources, not to forget the increasing pollution too. One of the best ways for saving money by going green is to drive less. One can walk, carpool or bike your way to your destination, be it office or the school. You end up not only going green and saving money but do your bit to help stop global warming.

6. Low gas driving

But if you must drive, then at least ensure that you are using minimum gas and not wasting it. Some of the ways to do this is –ease your gas pedal and brake pedal. The tyres of your vehicle should be inflated. Use a fuel efficient car and don’t leave it idle for too long. A great way for saving money by going green!

7. Reduce waste

Another of the popular money saving tips by going green is to use less of paper and other disposable products. Buy in bulk and buy those products which use less packaging. Use cloth grocery bags when you shop instead of using paper or plastic.

Follow the above guidelines to save money by going green. You can do a bit more by ensuring that your house is properly insulated and save on heating and cooling costs. Keep the grass in your garden or yard fairly short. Today’s push mowers are easy to use and consume zero gas.

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