Saving Money While Traveling

For most of us, one of the foremost thought before we travel is the cost. Whether it is a vacation or a business trip, the costs for traveling are touching the sky. But there are ways to minimize costs and saving money while traveling. Well, this is the prime focus of this article, to reveal some of the best money saving traveling tips. Just read on.

Save money while traveling by following the guidelines below:

Money saving tips on fare
• Avoid traveling around the holidays as the fares are high during these times.
• Sign up for fare special e-mails to remain updated on the fare war between the airlines and costs can fall overnight.
• Book your vacation as a package as that might turn out to be cheaper.
• Buy early as you are likely to find a lower fare.
• Find out about all the airports that are near your destination as you might find flying form a smaller airport cheaper.
• Use a car instead of using the airport shuttle as it is cheaper and gives you more flexibility
• Stay over a Saturday night, for the Airlines charge the highest fares to business travelers, who often have to fly during the week.
• Fly on the days when some airlines offer cheaper fares. So be flexible about the days you have to travel.
• Choose a flight with plenty of open seats as a flight with fewer sets left tends to be more expensive.
• If you travel frequently, then sign up for a frequent flyer program.
• Always make your own reservations as many hotels and airlines offer additional discounts and specials for booking online.

Money saving tips on food while traveling
• Have meals where kids eat free and split meals. This will mean an enormous saving for a large family. Some restaurants that are kid friendly.
• Eat simple meals in your room. A peanut butter sandwich and fresh fruit are a good option and are healthy too.
• Take advantage of coupons, whether for lodging, food, or other attractions. Make avail of multi-day passes.
• Always carry individual refillable water bottles which can be refilled at the hotel and at attraction water fountains.
• Look for a popular street vendor, for eating with him will be cost effective while allowing you to taste the local culinary color.

Money saving tips on Shopping and Sightseeing
• Don’t jump on buying the first thing you like. Shop around for the best prices on souvenir items first. Stay away form the tourist trap souvenir shops.
• Don’t travel the beaten path to find local goods, the costs of which have already been inflated for tourists.
• Look for open flea markets when available
• Always bargain to get a good price.
• Use a debit card, rather than U.S. dollars or traveler's checks, to get local currency.
• Take advantage if you are a student for there are student discounts offered by many museums and other tourist sites.
• If traveling with kids, give each child a set amount to spend.

Following the above mentioned tips for saving money while traveling will surely allow you to have a fun filled holiday or a hassle free business trip.

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